Time passes so quickly, and before you know it all your work has paid off and they are finally graduating!  What a proud moment, knowing that they are prepared for what life will bring them (hopefully Smile).  As with many occasions that occur only once or twice in a lifetime, finding the correct wording for your invitation is often difficult.  Graduation invitations should contain many of the common elements of other events, however because of the ceremonious nature of the event the wording is often more formal.  In fact, Graduation invitations often share many elements with Wedding invitations.  Here are the more important elements that you should include in your graduation announcement:

1.   Date and Time of your event(s).  Keep in mind that there is typically both a graduation ceremony and a graduation celebration.  You may wish to create seperate invitations for each event since you may be limited to who can attend the ceremony. 

2.  Location of your event(s).  It is very common to include a small flat insert that includes a simple map to the event location.

3.  Hosts.  This can include both the "Faculty Of Stanford" for instance, as well as the parents of the graduation.

4.  Student name. 

5.  RSVP Expections.  Parties require planning, and planning requires knowing who is attending.  So clearly state when your guests should RSVP, as well as how they should contact you (email, phone, etc.)

6.  Dress.  Graduation parties, like weddings, can be either very formal or very casual.  This is an important component of your invitation to ensure that guest wear the proper attire for the event.  No one wants their uncle showing up in a Hawaiian shirt to a suit-and-tie affair!

Now that we have covered the basic elements of the invitation here are a few sample wording ideas that can form the foundation of your invitation wording.  Feel free to take these are rework them to meet your needs.

Sample 1: 

 John and Kathie McCarthy
are proud to announce
the Graduation of Kimberly McCarthy from
Stanford University 
They invite you to share their happiness
at Commencement Exercises
on June 6th, 2009 
at 12:00pm
Stanford University, Stanford, CA

RSVP by May 15th

Dress for warm weather, ceremony is held outdoors

Sample 2:

Mr. and Mrs. John Capriotti
Are proud to announce the graduation of their daughter
Caitlin M. Capriotti
Saturday, June 1, 2009
At 12:00 p.m.
Commencement will be held at
Desert Ridge High School

Scottsdale, AZ

A reception in Caitlin’s honor will be held
At her home
1111 16th Drive
Scottsdale, AZ

Please RSVP at (555)123-1234

Formal Attire Requested

These are just a couple of wording ideas to spark your imagination.  We are always hear to help you with the wording and layout of your invitation!

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