Easter egg decorating is fun to do with the kids, but a batch of brown-ish over colored eggs isn't exactly a gorgeous work of art you want to display. Here are some ideas of things you can do with the kids to make your eggs a little easier on the eyes!

Tissue Paper

After dying all of your eggs, let them dry completely. While drying, cut out different shapes of tissue paper, such as squares, circles, diamonds, hearts, and stars. Then, carefully lay the tissue paper over your egg and adhere by layering on modge podge with a small paintbrush. Experiment with different colors and styles of tissue paper, too!


Begin by coloring your eggs with crayons before dying them. The wax from the crayons will adhere to the egg and will stay in place during the dying process, preventing that portion of the shell from absorbing color. Use white crayons to create patterns, polka dots, or pictures. For best results, try to stick with one dying color per egg. For really colorful designs, add color with multiple crayons instead of with the dye! (Hint: When decorating with younger kids, hard boil eggs first to prevent the delicate shell of a blown egg from shattering as they draw.)


Glittered eggs are a beautiful and fun way to decorate your Easter basket. Begin by pouring your desired color of glitter into a clear plastic bag. Then, carefully coat your entire egg shell with modge podge. Add the egg to the glitter bag and carefully shake and rotate your bag until the entire egg is thoroughly covered. Use one bag per glitter color. Also, try dying your eggs first for an extra bit of color! (Hint: Works best when eggs are blown.)

Scrapbook Stickers

Take the easy route with they dying process and dye all of your eggs solid colors. Let them dry completely, or overnight. Then, use scrapbooking stickers and adhesive gems to decorate your eggs. Try finding some 3D stickers of flowers, birds, or other spring themed designs!

Chocolate Eggs

To take egg decorating to an extra edible level, begin with chocolate eggs (such as Cadbury eggs) that have been refrigerated . Then, get candy melts and follow the directions for melting down the candy. While warm, use the candy melts to decorate the chocolate eggs with any design you like. Try flowers, grass, bunnies, or whatever works best for you! You can even use a sterilized paint brush or a toothpick for delicate designs. Refrigerate until firm to set your decorations in place.