We are all anxious to share the hundreds of product reviews we have recieved in the last couple of days.  ALL of the reviews have been posted to the website, we will not be filtering your feedback (other than to clean up spelling mistakes, minor grammer, and anything that might be inappropriate to post because of language).  So without regard to the product rank or the comments, our customers will be able to see what other customers thought of the product.  We will also be vigilantly reviewing the feedback in order to eliminate products from our system that are not up to the standards that our customers want to see.

Giving you feedback is VERY EASY, and now offers a future discount code for your next purchase!  After your order arrives we will send you an email with a link that you can easily click and submit a review.  Also, you can always log into your "My Account" section and go to your previous orders and submit a review. 

It only takes a few seconds!  Our goal is to add THOUSANDS of product reviews to the system in order to help your decision process.