Cupcakes are a bigdeal. Delicious and moist, these tasty treats can come in any flavor of cakeand frosting in all kinds of colors. They can be arranged on platters into stunning shapes, making pictures of all varieties.  They can be stacked in cupcake tiers for an impressive decoration piece. And, when it comes to eating them, they give a just-right sized portion to kids and adults without all the mess of cutting a cake.

Aside from the delicious and easy clean-up appeal of cupcakes, they also can be decorative masterpieces. Each cupcake can be individually decorated with any variety of themes and colors. Aside from just frosting, you can add decoration in the wrapping as well as with toppers. Candles are a classic topper that you will see at any birthday, so there is no need to sacrifice the tradition of blowing out the candles and making a wish. Additional toppers can be plastic (ex.jeweled rings at a girl's princess party), can be made of candy (ex. gummybears or Hershey's kisses), or even fruity (ex. raspberries and sliced strawberries). The possibilities are endless!

It's no wonder that cupcakes are gaining such a huge streak of popularity. Whether you plan to doit yourself or to go to your local specialty bakery, we've got an invitation to match! We even have cupcake wrappers!

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