Despite the year-round needs of the impovished, the holidays always puts the spotlight on the "real" global crisis that is going on.  I was listening to a radio news show the other morning that did a story about a woman living in Zimbabwe.  The journalist describe her as a women that was clearly in her 70's or beyond.  The woman was combing through a recently plowed field looking for individual corn kernals that she could use to feed herself and a grandchild.  Individual Corn Kernals!  That image has stuck with me, and permeates almost every thing I do; cleaning the morning dishes of leftover food, grocery shopping with total impunity, watching my kids play in the front yard. 

So what now?

Chastising myself for having good fortune does nothing, and waiting for someone that is better off than me to solve the problem is equally useless.  There are people in need right in our own neighborhoods, and opportunities to change someone's life right next door.  Knowing about and empathizing for those in need is not enough, we all need to contribute to the solution.  So keep this in mind as you navigate this holiday season, that every little bit helps.  Put a few coins in the red pot outside of the store, grab a gift-angel off the tree, donate your time at a food kitchen or find some other way to be a hero in someone else's life.  Take action on that information you have.