It's no secret that social media is fun. It's also a valuable tool when you're searching for something like party invitations. Finding out what other people have discovered and enjoyed is a great way to find out new things you might also enjoy. That said, here are some of our top invitations in the GraduationCinco de Mayo, and Baby Shower sections. Perhaps one of these designs is just right for you too?


Classic Grad Invitation - This elegant graduation invitation features a black cap and tassel with a scroll tied with a bright red bow.  Perfect for graduation invitations or announcements.  Available blank or personalized. Includes ivory envelope.The perfect word for this invitation: Classic. The elegant design, the mix of black and white with color, everything about it speaks timelessness. Graduation is such an important event in anyone's life--it marks a major accomplishment, the success of a lot of hard work, and the prospects of a blooming future. This invitation sums it up with simplicity in a way that speaks through the ages of an accomplishment that will last a lifetime. Use it for a graduation party to be remembered!

Cinco De Mayo

Margarita Fiesta Invitation - Cinco De Mayo! Perfect invitation to send out your fiesta time announcement!  This invitation has  a green border and a big guitar on the side that is accompanied by refreshing margaritas and some maracas and sombrero. This Cinco de Mayo invitation is redefining fiesta style. It bumps off the traditional too-bright-to-handle coloring for a slightly more muted--and way more chic--pallet. It brings flair and fun with floral prints and all the traditional Mexican icons that we love. And, with an obvious appeal to a party for adults, it keeps the fiesta air separate from the kid-centered piñata party. Celebrate an important part of American culture with an invitation that will set the perfect tone for your event. It says: This party will be too chill to pass up!

Baby Shower

Classic Rattle Blue - This adorable card is decorated with a silver baby rattle that is tied with a precious pink and white bow.  The striped border is pale pink and shimmering silver.  Its a perfect choice for a baby shower or birth/adoption announcement! A trendy and colorful design printed only on premium fine quality 80 lb. card stock. Available either blank or personalized. Includes white envelope.Expecting? This baby shower invitation is a hot item right now, and it's no surprise why. Available in pink or blue, this invitation shows a classic rattle with an elegant floral print bow. Instead of being covered in cutsie baby items, this invitation takes a completely different approach. It appeals to moms because the design is stylish and chic, bringing the tastes of the mom back into the picture.