We just spent the weekend at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles looking for new and exciting products for our site.  We were extremely excited to see some of the new trends coming out these days, and it is always impressive to see the depth of imagination and creativity that people can bring to our industry.  Watch in the coming weeks as we add several new manufacturers, and more importantly, new product lines.  We were on the prowl for new products that complement our existing stationary and invitations products, and hopefully you (our customers) will find intriguing.  We LOVE to get feedback, so please send us your comments and ideas for new products at customercare@impressinprint.com

I want to introduce our latest manufacturer, Butch & Harold, a chic designer of wall sticker products.  These trend setting wall stickers are great for decorating your home, apartment or loft.  These wall stickers are like nothing else you have ever seen, and can go in almost any room.  The best part is that you can move them from room to room on a whim, and they do not damage your walls.  We LOVE their frames, which allow you to creatively display your favorite portraits without the need for hammers, hooks, or holes in your walls!

Take a look at a few of their artsy wall stickers:


Butch Wall Sticker

This one is called "BUTCH", named after the imaginary childhood dog of one of the owners.

Cornelia Wall Sticker

Here you have "Cornelia", a beautiful and colorful wall art sticker that will lighten up any space.

In the coming weeks they are adding to their product line, and one product that we are very excited to see if their "Sticker Train" that will allow you to put a series of photos in your children's room, each photo framed in a seperate train car.  Keep an eye out for this one, it should be available in a few weeks.

Stickr Train












We have several new manufacturers that we are working on bringing into the site in the coming weeks, so come back often!